Monday, November 10, 2008

My new Class

hye.. miss u guys a lot.. im now in group f2T3... life goes on right.. Being with you guys is the best thing that ever happen in my matrix life.. Hope after this our relation will last forever.. bye2.. neway, mr ash you are the best teacher ever..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ramadhan & Aidilfitri

According to islam calendar, in one year, all muslim will celebrate ramadhan and aidilfitri. This celebration occurs mostly on ending of the year. Ramadhan is also known as fasting month. All muslim aer compulsary to fast from dawn till dusk. For me, it is an exciting month of the year. There is a lot of bazaar ramadhan. It is a place where eveybody but their foods and drinks o break their fast. After a long day of fasing, on the night, all muslim ussualy go to the mosque to do terawih prayer. According to islam religion, ramadhan can be divided into three phases. The first phase is BLESSING from allah, the second phase is FORGIVENESS from all sins, and the third is LAILATUL QADAR. It is a good month for all muslim to turn on a new leaf. Aidilfiri in other hand is WINNING month. This celebation occurs after ramadhan month. For me, i will atend to my relatives house to tighten the relationships amongs us. The parents, ussually give 'dui raya' to me. $$$. It is a wondeful month to celebrate with your family and your relatives.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How do i feel about weblogging in learning English in our daily life

English nowdays can be improved a lot better with technology. Student should be given chance to web blogging to improved their English vocabulary. Internet nowdays is only at the fingertips. This advantage should be considered to improved english among student. With web blogging, student can meet new friends, improved their english, and build up self confidence to use english words. Student also can learn something about computer and all the functions. Some student nowdays just thought that computer is mainly about internet. They was wrong. Internet is widely use by everybody nationwide. Through web blogging, student can easily meet new friends, learn IT, and build up self-characteristic. Student can have their own identity without trying to be somebody else.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Independence's Day

With 1957's independence, a new series of difficult decisions lay ahead of Malaya, the first of which was to determine exactly what territories would be included in the new state. In 1961, the term "Malaysia" came into being after Tunku convinced Singapore, Sabah, and Sarawak to join Malaya in a federal union (Singapore later opted out of the union, peacefully, in 1965). Afraid that the union would interfere with his expansionistic plans, Indonesia's president Sukharno launched attacks against Malaysia in Borneo and on the peninsula, all of which were unsuccessful.

Another immediate problem was the determination of a national identity. Malaysia was a mix of people from many races and cultures, and uniting them under a common flag was not an easy enterprise. Because Malays represented the majority, the constitution gave them permanent spots in the government, made Islam the national religion, and made Malay the national language; but the Chinese firmly dominated business and trade, and most Malay were suffering economic hardships. The government, controlled by the United Malay National Organization, passed the New Economic Policy, which attempted to increase economic opportunity for the Malay by establishing various quotas in their favor. Unsurprisingly, many Chinese opposed the new arrangement and formed a significant opposition party. In 1969, after the opposition party won a significant seats, riots swepts through Kuala Lumpur and the country was placed in a state of emergency for two years. It was a painful moment in the young nation's history that most Malaysians prefer to forget.

In the last two decades, Malaysia has undergone tremendous growth and prosperity, and has arguably made significant progress in race relations. Many attribute the country's success to the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohammed, who led the country from 1981 through 2003.